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What Is Vegetable Tanned Leather?

Vegetable tanning is a natural method of tanning leather hides, using tannins such as tree bark & leaves, among other plants. It's a far slower process than the alternative tanning method, using chromium salts. Full-grain vegetable tanned leather is the highest quality leather available on the market today.

Where do you source from?

I source my leathers from Italy, through the distributer ''aleatherstore'' based in Denmark. I choose Italian leather due to the quality, and the standards that must be met by the tanneries based in Tuscany. I also choose my distributer in part due to their dedication to sustainability, their use of paper packaging over plastic and offsetting their carbon emissions.

Where are you based?

I am based in the historic county West Riding of Yorkshire. I'm a born and bred North Yorkshireman.

Why is handstitching better?

Saddle stitching is the handstitching method I, and so many other leatherworkers, choose to use, as you're essentially creating a small knot in every single stitch. Compared to the type of stitch a sewing machine normally uses, which never crosses over during the process, saddle stitching is a far stronger stitch that is unlikely to unravel.

Are cows slaughtered for their hides?

Whilst I cannot tell you there are zero cows slaughtered for their hides in this world, I can tell you that the tanneries I source from are very open about traceability and part of their sustainability ethos is making sure all their skins are a by-product of the food industry.