My Story

Let's get personal

Who am I?

My name is Ben and I’m the sole operator of Beck and Willow.
I’m a born and bred Yorkshireman, which I’m sure you could
tell from the business imagery.
I started leather crafting in February of 2023 shortly after a terrible job
interview. I had stumbled across a video of a Norwegian lady binding
her Harry Potter books in leather, I’ve always loved Harry Potter and admired Norway so this video was quite fitting for me. I quite quickly fell into a rabbit hole of different leather crafting videos and a few days later my first toolset and leather arrived.

What's the goal?

One of the biggest goals of Beck and Willow is to convert people from a life of a fast fashion, to one that appreciates the gentle and beautiful aging process that can only be obtained through tender loving care.

The name

You might be wondering about the name, I’ve said my name is Ben, so where’s Beck? I live right next to a Beck, which is the Yorkshire word for a stream, that’s surrounded by Willow trees. When I decided I was going to turn this into a business I simply looked out of the window and there it was, Beck and Willow was born.